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There are several questions we are asked all the time about momentohs® enterprise. Most of the questions are comparisons to industry standard software. Below are the explanations.

A. What is the cost of momentohs® enterprise - This is a difficult question to answer because there is no comparable software to momentohs® enterprise, i.e. a 100% integrated system incorporating 12 modules. No other system in the market is able to offer the same. However, if we were to compare it to current industry standard software, then we could list the savings as follows:



1. Software costs - momentohs® enterprise is about 30% cheaper but offers much greater functionality, which brings real value benefits. It is also intuitive and user-friendly. So, in real terms it is at least 40-50% cheaper based on a cost/benefit analysis.

2. Hardware costs - Unlike industry standard software, which requires multiple servers (one for each module), momentohs® enterprise needs one single server. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership could bring cost savings of 40-70% less than hardware configurations required to run current industry standard software.

3. Maintenance - momentohs® enterprise uses the most popular industry database, Microsost SQL. It is competitively priced and technical expertise is easily available.  There is no need to have multiple specialists’ staff as it is on a single technology platform. Current industry standard software has multiple platforms which makes it complex to maintain and expensive to support. Hence, with less staff and single technology platform, maintenance costs could be as much as 30-40% cheaper.

4. Operational Costs - the overall costs of using 4-6 times more hardware and having a more complex IT infrastructure is definitely much higher. We cannot put a real figure but customers who are using Industry standard software could do a comparison and see for themselves on the Total Cost of Ownership. We are happy to provide information on momentohs® enterprise for you to compare.



B. Do we provide complete turnkey solution (hardware & software)? Yes, we can do this for you. Our outsourcing expertise could also take over your entire IT and deliver a full end-to-end solution taking the IT headache off your mind so that you can concentrate in serving your customers and building your business. Our Infrastructure team specializes in total solutions for hotels. We can design and deliver entire IT infrastructure especially for new hotels, from Voice/Data, Smart building, IT infrastructure and facilities management.   

C. Reference sites - momentohs® enterprise is new and has several good sites to view in Malaysia, Cambodia, and soon in Indonesia and Thailand. We would be happy to take you to customer sites to show you how they are winning with the next generation software and deriving superlative value.

D. About Seven Seas Computers LLC - We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE and 26 years in business with offices in six countries. We have a highly qualified workforce of nearly 400 people. Our major strengths and domain knowledge is in Banking, Hospitality, Family Business & Real Estate.

Mehboob Hamza


Where Banking software expertise adds value

Mohsin Hamza joined our Thailand office in February. He spans many years of experience in software development having worked in the City of London from 1986-1997, mostly with the large banks. He brings a wealth of knowledge in high secure and high optimization IT systems that make the Banking world tick. Exposed to large scale mission critical systems from both software and IT infrastructure, he can be invaluable in bringing best practices to our customers. He is especially adept at understanding business processes, simplifying complex systems to simple designs and delivering business value through sound IT investments.

His motto is “IT is a business decision and IT investments are based on delivering improvement in business performance, which can be measured through financial benefits”.


CRM is much more than just Contact Management

Finally the right way to do CRM! We are integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Event Management to do business to business CRM without compromise. Present industry standard software products are not really full functional CRM and address one or two components at best being Contact Management and Sales Force Automation. CRM has many more, Campaign Management, Competitor Analysis, Help Desk, Customer Interaction Management and more. MS Dynamics CRM provides full function CRM capabilities, which allow hotels a much better tool to improve their business to business relationships and manage CRM the way it should be as in Banking, Manufacturing and other Service Industries.

MS CRM will be fully integrated with Event Management and Front Office where any bookings in MS CRM will automatically reflect in the Front Office.


Building Business Intelligence out of the box

Beyond the operational and business process automation, world-class business software should deliver the next dimension, which is decision support system with straight forward, easy to compute and extensive business intelligence throughout the enterprise. A quick way to find out is to ask your existing software provider if they can provide BI out of the box i.e. suppose they implement FO, BO, POS & F&B, can they provide immediate out of the box BI. If the answer is no, then it is not a fully integrated solution.




Tightly linked & synchronized modules working together from a single database and server gives comprehensive information which is real-time and helps to make decisions on time, every time. The Graphical forecasting and Analysis for each module and special cubes in Business Intelligence supports the stake holders and management to work on different patterns and deliver new formula to achieve better ROI. momentohs® enterprise supports various interfaces such different PABX, Key lock systems, Internet solutions, RFID Smart Technology and Building Management Systems.

Hotels have tons of data but worry about the difficulty in stitching it together. It is possible and easy when it is truly ERP-like as in momentohs® enterprise. Imagine your room management system connected to momentohs® enterprise. We can extract information on how many hours TV is switched on, light usage, Air conditioning etc. There is much value in understanding the time spent in the room on an average stay, weekends etc. The more information one can cull, the greater the ability to make use of the information in ways that could bring about meaningful decisions. With momentohs® enterprise, business intelligence is according to your imagination and delivered in a manner to suit your style and requirements. momentohs® enterprise is the most advanced truly integrated solution for hospitality today, far exceeding current industry standard software.

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