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Every month we make presentations to hotels lasting from two hours to two days. What pleases us is the instant attention and generous positive feedback for momentohs® enterprise and sprint. As Keith Gruen asked,”Where is the hotel ERP”? Well, it is here. The industry is slowly but positively asking the right questions from their vendors. Current industry standard software vendors are facing the challenge of meeting the demands of customers who have been negatively afffected by the financial meltdown, and need flexible reports, and Business Intelligence to make critical decisions. momentohs® is designed with ERP concepts and generates real time reports and BI information in multi dimensional cubes with superb graphical presentation. Today, there are over 100 cubes. This is what differentiates us as the next generation software for the hospitality industry. But we do not rest on our laurels. Every quarter we design new BI cubes that bring varied perspectives of a hotel’s operational, financial, sales and marketing.

We have embarked on developing our new enhanced version of Central Reservation Office. The CRO is the engine of a hotel’s core Information System infrastructure. The CRO will allow rate loading (either from central location or from a hotel) and distributed to PMS, CRS, CRM and onward distribution sites seamlessly. The same principle applies to groups, hotel information, comments, flags etc. At the same time the extended functionality for both ' on the fly' and ''dynamic'' packaging will be simplified for the end user. Add in the functionality required to manage a cluster desk versus a call centre, the requirements for single property, multi building and multi property, reporting, BI and revenue management requirements and this would make it the most powerful CRO for hospitality. This will be all tied into a seamless flow of screens that allow for flexibility in scripting by hotel type or chain and be transferable to web and GDS systems.

Leading edge functionality that exists in other systems such as airline and will be translated into the hotel booking processes. It is taking these booking opportunities and passing it through all systems so that when the guest arrives at the front desk everything is prepared and is as ordered on line.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Mehboob Hamza

Keith Gruen visited our office on Thursday, 27 November 2008 at 9 am and spent a good five hours and then enjoyed the finest Iranian cuisine in Dubai at the Iranian Club nearby.

Keith Gruen together with his partner, Dietmar Mueller-Elmau founded Fidelio back in 1987 and sold out to Micros in December, 1995. Micros-Fidelio is undoubtedly the market leader but Keith in a speech delivered in Amsterdam, February, 2007 had interesting insights. A few excerpts below highlight his views.

“This industry hasn’t progressed much in ten years”.

“Perhaps this industry needs a jolt from the outside from time to time”.

“Other companies in other industries also need software to manage their operations. They don’t buy best of breed; they buy huge software applications called ERP from companies such as SAP or Oracle. An ERP includes everything from financial accounting, inventory, payroll, supply chain management, production planning, CRM and so on. Where’s the hotel ERP”?

“Nobody ever got fired for buying Micros. But then again, nobody makes a difference by buying Micros”.

Keith visits Dubai to meet customers for his new software venture, conject AG, which develop and sell software for the real estate and construction industries. It’s an on-demand system and it covers all the phases of real estate, from planning and construction to operation and facility management. For further information, please visit

Many of you may have met Keith during the 90’s. Keith is a Californian living in Munich, Germany. He is still passionate about software and an entrepreneur at heart, having started conject AG to yet again break the rules in another industry different to hospitality. He loves extreme sports and a few months ago broke his arm in a balloon race. Word has it that he can get tickets to any classical music concert in Munich. That alone is a sufficiently good reason to know him well!

momentohs® enterprise Front Office Product Tip

Most of the PMS systems in the marketplace have pre defined customer profile type e.g. Travel Agent and Company profile type. All the other types like Government, Embassies, and Association etc are linked under the company profile types.

When management wishes to generate production report by Embassies, Association or Wholesaler or any other types, it entails much manual work. This report is crucial as the Hotel Management can determine better rates or allotment and other decisions to increase the hotel’s revenues. In momentohs® enterprise Front Office, it is made easy as the management can decide the types of customers and link accordingly. Once this is configured, sales persons just have to select the type and the system will generate the desired reports in a matter of split seconds.

Screen shots below explain in detail on how to setup the customer types until the generation of the reports.

Agent type, which is easily configurable by user level to customize the type of customer’s agent is shown below.

Unlimited agent type can be defined in the Master data and later can be link to the Agent Customer profiles. Refer to the screen below for the agent type linkage.

Once linked to the agent types, users are able to generate the desired report, e.g. the type selected was Embassy and the system generated the monthly statistical figures for all the Embassy profiles.

This monthly Agent performance report is very important for the Sales & Marketing team and in normal situations the reservation staff will generate this report manually end of month. However to generate this report manually is a very tedious job and it may take a week to compile and deliver to the sales team. With momentohs® enterprise, it is simple and these types of report can be generated instantly as seen in the screen shots above.

By looking at the above report, the Sales team is also able to monitor the agent’s performance and make critical decisions i.e. whether to continue allotment or add more allotment for the particular agent.

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