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Hotel properties range from small sub 20 room/chalet boutique resorts to large 5 star city hotels. The smaller resorts and hotels require less features and functions and the operational environment is somewhat different in comparison to standard 3 or 4 or 5 star larger properties.

momentohs® enterprise is the first truly integrated ERP-like value proposition to meet the advanced requirements of large hotels. But not all hotels are large and require the advanced features. So, why pay for functionality that is not required? Its innovative architecture makes it possible to group a set of related functionality that are relevant for each market segment and price it accordingly. This bridges the gap and provides small hotels to reap the benefits that large hotels enjoy with momentohs® enterprise. 

During the last nine months, small property owners have asked us to provide momentohs® enterprise as a smaller suite, to share the benefits of a truly integrated software as in large hotels. Their dilemma is that industry standard software is a price overkill and less known alternatives fall short in meeting their requirements. We studied over 20 small hotels and designed a list of core functionality and a set of requirements unique to the small hotel sector. With the boutique hotel now firmly established and expected to have the most promising growth prospects, we have released momentohs® entrée to meet their specific requirements. momentohs® entrée is unique in many ways. It is essentially momentohs® enterprise packaged for the small hotel. Engineered from momentohs® enterprise, it has the same look and feel and includes a few modules, which caters end to end at a price point that is affordable and yet complete. Small hotels now can focus on their business, which is delighting their guests knowing well their operational environment is computerized without compromise.

momentohs® entrée is a suite of five modules, which can be purchased individually. The basic entry level is the Front Office and additional modules could be added at a later stage and be fully integrated as a suite of FO, BO, POS, F&B and SmartTrack.

momentohs® has three products, which cover from small to very large hotels. They are:

momentohs® entrée – includes Front Office, Back Office, POS, F&B & SmartTrack. Suitable for sub 25 rooms and can scale up to 50 rooms. Price ranges from US$2,500 - $10,000.

momentohs® sprint – ideal for hotels 50-250 rooms and includes the full momentohs® enterprise suite with reduced functionality and is available on modular basis.

momentohs® enterprise – from 50 to 1,000 rooms or more and features the full set of advanced functionality exceeding current industry standard software and available on modular basis.

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Our Roots in Asia

Seven Seas’ presence in the Far East began in September 1999 with our first office established in Singapore.

momentohs® initiative in the Far East began with our first customer in Kuala Lumpur in December 2003. It was only natural to consider Malaysia as the regional Head Quarters and we opened our office in Kuala Lumpur in January 2005. In September 2008, we established our Indonesia Office in Jakarta and in November the same year, our Thailand office in Bangkok. Each office has a Country Manager and technical team for product presentation, implementation and post sales support. momentohs® team today comprises of 18 people in the Far East and is expected to grow with new customers joining momentohs® world.

Nagaworld – a first for momentohs®

With our first customer, Nagaworld (A world class Hotel Casino concept) in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, momentohs® scores two firsts. The first site in Cambodia and the first hotel and casino property. Nagaworld is a 508 room 5-star Hotel with F&B outlets, entertainment (karaoke & spa), shopping, MICE facilities and Gaming facilities with 176 gaming tables & 211 gaming machine stations.

Cambodia, The Kingdom of Wonder has tremendous growth potential. There were 1.53 million international visitors to Cambodia for the first nine months of 2008, an increase of 10% compared over the same period of 2007. We look forward to further hotels joining the momentohs® world.


We welcome the following customer to momentohs® world.

• Alpha Genesis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


A Luxurious Profit and Loss Statement in momentohs® enterprise

Normally in the hotel’s back office/accounting system when printing the profit and loss statement, users may wish to seek the source of the transaction. To do this, they need to print the GL Account and then after printing identify the source of the document supporting the entries. The amount of work can be tedious not to mention the cumbersome auditing exercise to seek the particular information.



Not so in momentohs® enterprise. Users can drill down to the account’s activities. Furthermore, users could drill to the source of the documents. This feature enables the user to do the auditing within seconds. As illustrated below, this system is a dream come true for the Financial Controller, Auditing firms and most of all to the business owner, since all the entries in the books are traceable. We call this a “luxurious profit and loss statement”.


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