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You have heard of and how it has taken the heavyweights in CRM. Terminology like Cloud Computing and SAAS are re-defining the rules of software utlilisation. These are disruption game changes, perhaps in the same way as changed the way we shop. Walk and Buy became Click and Buy. In reality, when something travels faster than the speed of light, quantum chaos takes place. Quantum chaos is a branch of physics which studies how chaotic classical systems can be shown to the limit of quantum-mechanical systems, and that is exactly what is taking place in the IT world.

The next paradigm shift is here. Cloud Computing is a massive game change for the industry disrupting traditional software and hardware business models by totally redefining how IT services are delivered around the globe. Traditional IT services have been rudely shaken and awaken by Cloud Computing, coupled by the increasing and ever present demands from business organizations for better, faster solutions at a cheaper price. Traditional business applications, from the industry's big players, have often been too expensive and complex. They need a prestigious office address smack right in the middle of each metropolitan with office space, loads of power grids, massive cabling, bandwidth, crawling networks, servers and storage. Add to that specialist manpower and expertise and Total Cost of Ownership is daunting.

Instead of having to go through the trouble of running and hosting these applications, Cloud Computing relieves that burden off your shoulders by providing common business applications, which can be accessed through the internet, while the data and software are hosted in servers at remote locations. Cloud would be the metaphor for the internet, a catchy cliché that depicts how the internet links millions of computers around the world and is an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure it conceals. When it is combined together with Computing, then it all gets blurry. Anything that goes beyond a user's computer firewall is 'in the cloud'.

Since Cloud Computing users do not need to own or invest in their own physical network infrastructure, they can avoid capital expenditure (CapEx) on hardware and services. They are not tied down and chained to maintaining this value depreciating hardware. When such hardware is being utilized and shared among multiple users, they do not become so 'intangible and perishable' any more, while improving utilization rates, as servers are now rarely left idle. It's something that is very scalable, more secure and more reliable than most applications. To blanket it all, there's also an extra benefit, which is updates, all taken care of so you can sleep soundly knowing that your software and application gets the latest updates, security patches and performance enhancements automatically.

Imagine if customers can access their booking details, update requirements, and so on. No need for Front Office agents to handle customer requests and re key the info. In Cloud Computing all this can be done dynamically. When you can have your customers and suppliers talking to you through your systems, there are endless possibilities. Now you have a tool to get customers involved in improving guest experience by direct input. Small - sub 20 room properties can even have Front Office on a Blackberry or iPhone. Now, that is breaking the cost barriers!

momentohs® has a blue print to bring Cloud Computing, another first in the industry. Our award winning next generation would be better for less because we will remove the hardware and you would not have to buy servers, switches and sockets. It's all rolled up into a nice fixed monthly subscription fee, just like your daily newspaper or online periodicals. In fact, you will not be buying anything physically; all that you're buying is just a cloud, a cloud that spells performance, savings and success.

Mehboob Hamza



momentohs® continues to expand its client database in Thailand. This month we welcome Hotel Solo@2, Bangkok into momentohs® world. Hotel Solo@2 will be powered by 5 modules from momentohs® sprint, namely Front Office, Back Office, Smart Track Call Billing, Food & Beverage and also Point of Sale. With the implementation of momentohs®, Hotel Solo@2 will have powerful reports delivering fast, reliable and high performance management reports to enable their staff to provide superb guest experience.



Business Travel….Who wants to go for a trip?

Have you ever wondered how people today react to business travel? How about hotel brand loyalty among business travelers? Do people really spend more on meals when they travel on the company's tab? Well, here are some facts that might surprise you, or confirm your beliefs.

In a survey of 1,500 business travelers by a well known marketing and research company, it was discovered that 62% of survey participants said they "often" enjoy business travel and 18 percent said they "always" enjoy it. This indicates that travel for business is no longer a chore for most employees. One of the biggest reasons for this enjoyment expressed in the survey was the ability to see new places. Almost half of the participants revealed that they often combine their business trips and leisure time by extending their trips for personal enjoyment. With the enjoyment of business travel becoming more common, close to one out of five of those surveyed said they will travel more for business in the coming year.

What are the biggest complaints of business travelers? Well it's probably not a lot different than the complaints of people traveling for leisure fun. These complaints include items such as flight delay and even more are flight cancellations.

Statistics show that most business travelers prefer to go back to a hotel that they feel comfortable with after their first stay. This is where customer loyalty kicks in. The general human behavior is to play safe by staying at a place they know they can trust and feel easy with compared to opting for a new hotel environment. When asked what features were most important in choosing a hotel, location was the highest rated, but high-speed internet access was close behind (30 percent compared with 26 percent). Onsite dining and room service was mentioned by almost one fifth of the survey respondents as key in their hotel choice.



One unique feature in momentohs® that makes the system so user friendly and fun to use is the Room Rate Detail function. Hotels at times will face short, hectic seasons, where public holidays and festive holidays are almost back to back together with a few normal low season days slotted in between. This will result in different rates on different dates. This handy function allows the user to key in different room rates for the desired dates and it can be done as well under the Guest Amendments after the guest have been checked in, in case of initial mistakes in first key in.

So, what is the difference from earlier new Room Rate Detail function which makes momentohs® tick? ® For the old style, the user needs to create multiple traces on different dates in order for the system to post the desired different room rates. This leaves room for errors in keying in wrong rates as the user has to play with multiple tabs. The new Room Rate Detail function removes all this by auto prompting all dates in just one single screen, thus delivering maximum efficiency and accuracy. The Room Rate Detail function goes a step further by showing the original and discounted price on the very same screen, in case some guests might be entitled to discount from membership, long stays and so on.

Lastly, users too can select other features such as complimentary room rate, auto block PABX, or auto block POS. The seamless integration platform that momentohs® is built upon means all this can be done easily without any hassle, with information being exchanged behind the system without sacrificing any slowdown in the computer performance.

Continuous improvement is a cultural DNA in the momentohs® team.



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