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“In the weeks leading up to the United Nations summit on climate change in Copenhagen there was widespread controversy about what could be achieved. Some hoped that the leaders of the world would unite and come up with a binding resolution about carbon emissions, while others were more pessimistic, saying that this was just the first step and that real change would have to be carried out on a community and household level. After seeing many of the leaders arrive in private jets and limos it became clear that the pessimists were right, as the summit turned out to be nothing more than a lot of politicking with very little positive results”. This is an excerpt from an article on December 23rd, 2009 by Victoria Painting. This does not paint a very pretty picture. Towards the end, the nations that needed to lead, USA and China did not yield much although admitted they had the most to do. The pessimists won the day, the optimists concurred there was hope. The reality is there is no paradigm shift…for a dialogue that started in 1992. Hospitality could take on a leadership role by applying the standards and embracing the ‘green’ culture in every aspect of the business. It is far beyond simple notices in bathrooms. Sustainability and waste reduction/recycling potential exists in kitchens, buildings, gardens, interiors, rooms, lobby, food production, housekeeping, and construction and building materials.

Hospitality industry has monumental challenges. Legacy software based on interface technology continues to be the standard recipe. The urgency to migrate to integrated ERP like systems is way overdue. Green initiatives are a buzz word than a passion and with the exception of a few, are mostly bare essentials. REVPAR and REVPAC are the norms in Revenue Management measurement when GOPPAR (Gross Operational Profit Per Available Room) is probably a more meaningful alternative. Client Server technology remains the standard IT platform than On Demand Internet based systems. Central Reservation Systems are mostly archaic and have not taken into perspective current market dynamics of having stellar integration capabilities catering to multiple channels. Appointing Reservation Managers to do the Revenue Managers job, which at times is conflicting does not do justice to Revenue Management. Studies show that a property with an effective full time Revenue Manager makes twice the profit than a property without one. Services and guest experience innovation, which are different and memorable than just being ‘nice’ and efficient is eagerly sought by guests. Standard text book cordiality is miles apart than done with a genuine feeling (the heart and soul). Brands are increasingly similar in their guest experience delivery and guests can see that immediately. It is why boutique hotels (not all) have succeeded…providing that distinction and personalization with a flavor that appeals to guests. Imaginative demand creation than price based promotions is the need of the day. The current economic climate has put tremendous pressure on hoteliers to apply imagination and thought. Biz travel may have slowed but most airlines including low cost are doing a roaring trade. Just try and book a last minute seat on Air Asia and most likely you will be disappointed. Has travel dried up? If so, why are so many countries promoting tourism as its holy grail in their economic recovery plan. Every year there are more airplanes in the air and the trend is likely to continue. That is a huge contributor to CO2. We have challenges indeed!

2009 is a memorable year. It will remain embedded for a very long time. We hope 2010 brings a smile that would somewhat dilute the bad memory of 2009. Wishing all our customers a Happy and Prosperous New Year and those who are planning to join momentohs® world in 2010, I assure you, it will be among the top three decisions you could make in 2010.

Mehboob Hamza



Smart Restaurants – What it takes to win - Part One
By Puru Nanda, Client Relationship Manager, Seven Seas, Dubai.

Like many businesses, restaurants may be tempted to cut their technology budgets during tough times. Companies struggling with slow sales and high fixed costs may see IT investments as a logical target for belt-tightening. In reality though, technology investments that enable operational efficiency, reduce labor costs and improves customer service capabilities are well worth it especially during tough times.

Today, even the smallest operators can do their bidding, ordering and product procurement electronically, over the Internet. Once the product is received, checked-in and compared to the order, inventory levels will be adjusted, product prices brought current and up-to-the-minute recipe and ideal food costs available to operators with no human intervention.

Some independent operators are using technology to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Wireless headsets and table management systems improve table utilization, and customer database systems allow some to better identify and take care of their best customers and enable service personnel to become familiar with their guests’ preferences and buying habits on the spot.

The Restaurant Industry was an early adopter of credit card payments but it lags behind recent advances in payment methods and technology. Where else but in a restaurant would customers let credit cards out of sight for several minutes, inviting such fraud as card skimming and tip boosting. Progressive restaurants in the U.S. have adopted technology that has been used in Europe for over 10 years. It allows patrons to pay at the table quickly, efficiently and safely.

The reality is, no matter what your size it is difficult to compete without utilizing technology to some degree.


Did you notice how customers wait to have waiters' assistance when they need services in a restaurant? Cry out loudly or keep waving their hands in public? The most common complaint customers have is not the quality of the food or the appearance of the restaurant. People choose a place to dine out based on service efficiency and guest experience.

Table Call System/ Restaurant Paging System will improve the service and enhance the efficiency of your restaurant.

Restaurant Paging System consists of one Restaurant Paging Server and a number of Restaurant Paging Buttons. The Restaurant Paging Server can be either hung on the wall or put on the table at the reception area. The Restaurant Paging Button can be fixed onto the table and when the customer presses the Restaurant Paging Button, the Restaurant Paging Server will display the table number on its large and clear screen, so the customer receives waiter's assistance on time. The whole system is powered by wireless technology for easy installation.


Advantage to your customer

·         Customers will call for the waiter/service once they have decided what to order

·         The Restaurant Paging System will avoid waiter interruption during private moments

·         The customer will not have to look around, wave his/her hand or shout to get the waiter's attention

·         The customers can easily page the waiter to place initial order, during the course of the meal for additional food and beverage, enquiries, bill, etc.

Advantage to your business

·         Waiter/waitress will have more time to focus on other things

·         Zero time spend on idling/waiting for customers to go through the menu list when ordering

·         Reduce the labor cost/minimize workforce

·         Increase customer service satisfaction level which will lead to returning guest

Next month I will address software systems for restaurant management and important criteria in selecting the right vendor.


The author is a degree holder in Hospitality Management from one of the top prestigious university’s in Switzerland and has been working with major 5 Star hotel chains for the past 8 years especially in the Food and Beverage Department. This includes two years with the Jumeirah Group, Dubai. During the last few years, he has been exposed to technology and software systems and presently is a Client Relationship Manager in Seven Seas, primarily addressing the hospitality sector.




For New7Wonders of Nature is a contemporary effort to create a list of seven natural wonders chosen by people through a global poll. The main aim and objective of the whole campaign is to create global awareness and uncover such breathtakingly beautiful, natural places that are still not known to many. From waterfalls to fjords, rainforests to mountain peaks, freshwater lakes to volcanoes, we are discovering together the incredible beauty and variety of our planet. And more importantly is how awareness can be achieved especially among the younger generation to preserve such treasures that we have on planet earth.

Among the 28 finalist include Amazon from South America, Bu Tinah Shoals, a tiny archipelago yet among extensive coral formations and seabeds in U.A.E, Galapagos and its endemic species in Ecuador, the Grand Canyon in the United States that dates back to more than 6 million years, the Great Barrier’s Reef of Australia and also the only nation as a whole that is in the list, Maldives. The New7Wonders of Nature voting campaign can be done online and is still on, whereby the official declaration will only be announced in 2011.


































Do your part and start voting now at



For anyone who travels around frequently, the loss of personal belongings can be a frustrating and painful experience. And it is becoming more common, as gadgets become smaller and the list of essential business travel tools becomes longer.


The hotel industry is not spared from this human error cycle. Despite hotel guest double checking and triple checking their guestrooms before departure, items are still carelessly left behind, ranging from socks, belts, slippers to hand phone chargers and sunglasses.

momentohs® is aware of this issue and has long before addressed it. With the Lost and Found Item feature in the Housekeeping section, users can key in the complete list of details to track and follow up on the lost and found items. What’s more, momentohs® will then auto generate transaction numbers for each Lost and Found Item transaction for easy tracking in the future. Of course, since it’s a momentohs® feature, the Lost and Found Item transactions can be easily printed out, emailed or saved in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.

We at momentohs® know that a good lost and found department is a hotels best public relations benefit.



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