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What Keith Gruen ex cofounder of Fidelio says about momentohs® enterprise

L to R - Mustansir Hamza, CEO - Seven Seas, Keith Gruen, ex co-founder of Fidelio

Keith Gruen visited our office on Thursday, 27 November 2008 at 9 am to view momentohs® enterprise. This is what he says in an email sent on January, 9, 2009.

What impressed me most about momentohs® enterprise is the completeness of the vision. Within the first few minutes it becomes clear that momentohs® can’t be compared to standard products on the market today. momentohs® is truly a cross-departmental solution. The integration between front office and back office, for example, is as tight as the integration between check-in and check-out.

The next thing that struck me is that momentohs® enterprise appears very simple to use – almost too easy. The uncluttered screens and the straight-forward buttons made me wonder if the product includes the necessary features to run a major international hotel. But indeed it does. The more advanced functionality is cleverly placed so as not to get in the way of the standard processes.

And finally, during the five hours or so of the demonstration - not a single glitch occurred. And this was no scripted demonstration: I asked specific and detailed questions and we jumped around from module to module. Everything worked as it should. I have never experienced such an error-free demonstration – especially of hotel products.


For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
For fine dining and table service restaurants, it is a fully integrated solution with POS, Financial, Cost control and Guest Experience.
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