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Hospitality software vendors have yet to provide ERP-like software, which includes a  complete suite of modules, including Front Office, CRM, P0S, Financials and more. The industry continues to deploy standalone ‘best of breed’ systems from different vendors with interfaces - an approach long abandoned in other industries during the early 90’s. This is especially true of market leaders. There are a new breed of vendors who have released integrated solutions but fall short in either meeting the full extent of functionality demanded by a five star hotel, or designed with best practice standards as applied in software for Banking, Manufacturing and Telco.

"What impressed me most about momentohs® enterprise is the completeness of the vision. Within the first few minutes it becomes clear that momentohs® enterprise can't be compared to standard products on the market today." Keith Gruen, ex co-founder of Fidello

“Although widely used throughout hospitality, the management of information technology based systems is perceived as challenging. Proprietary systems abound, data integration is problematic and investments are difficult to justify.” Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management , Volume 17 , Issue 1 & 2 August 2008.

momentohs® enterprise is designed and built by a single team. Its singular objective is to look at hospitality from ‘outside looking in’. We have examined at micro level the functionality of current industry ‘best of breed’ Front Office, Back Office, Point of Sale, Food & Beverage, Guest Experience Management, Event Management, Spa and others. These are milestones to break, not copy, and our approach has been to import the best practices from Banking, Telco, Manufacturing and Real Estate. Furthermore, we have looked at standards in ERP, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Security, Business Model Design and more, where leading edge best practices from each of these are incorporated into the design.

Our team is focused on adding rich functionality deployed with creative user-friendliness, extensive GUI features and stylish presentation. This is the power of thought and innovation in defining the new milestones for the next generation Hospitality Management Software (HMS). momentohs® enterprise is the most comprehensive, advanced and state of the art HMS today, unmatched in providing superlative business value to a standalone property or a chain hotel group, city or resort, large or small.


Truly Integrated

momentohs® enterprise is the most advanced and truly integrated hospitality management system today, far exceeding current industry standard software.

Utilising Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft SQL server based technologies, momentohs® enterprise is a comprehensive seamlessly integrated business management system with 12 functional modules covering all aspects of hospitality management. Being modular, it facilitates the independent deployment of each module, even allowing a phased approach. The modules are Front Office, Food and Beverage, Event Management, Call Billing, Guest Experience Monitor (GEM), Spa, Central Reservation, Web Reservation, POS, Fixed Asset, Business Intelligence and Financial. Third Party software such as HR and Payroll as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be seamlessly integrated. The latter is especially constructive in managing business to business relationships in conjunction with our Event Management module. 

Technology advances at a phenomenal pace and our architecture allows us to meet the demands for information exchange via Web sites, email, hardware controllers and intelligent devices. The software offers multiple user-defined criteria for enquiry search and reports. momentohs® enterprise can be readily integrated to third party applications,   i.e. GDS, IDS etc. GEM (Guest Experience Management) is the business to guest module for delivering superior guest experience. It captures guest profiles, preferences, likes/dislikes etc, which enables effective execution of customised marketing and loyalty programs. Improved Web interoperability and security enhanced multilevel user access with multi-property are other features, which sets us apart in the industry.

Whenever an activity requires accounting, be it from Front Office, POS or Spa such as billing, receivables, payables, or general journal entries, it is automatically captured and processed, which is then reflected in the general ledger and financial reports.

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Integrated vs Interfaced

An integrated system is a suite of modules or applications, which functions on a single database. In an integrated environment, each function or module has access to the same underlying database containing a single consolidated view of all of the information (reservation, guest details, preferences, financial history, etc.) for each guest. Only when the solution considers the business unit's role within and in relation to the entire enterprise do we achieve a single truth to any business question. An enterprise-wide application produces long-lasting solutions, providing consistent views of the business regardless of the business unit and its interpretation of business elements.

With interfaced systems, limited sets of specifically defined data are transmitted between two disparate systems at pre-defined times to support interrelated events (e.g. guest billing information from FO to BO). Interfaced PMS typically exchange, for example, guest billing from FO to BO, using a custom-built interface or an interface engine in order to effectively support the execution of key processes in the other application. Interfaced systems are not commonly built on similar technology platforms and are often supplied by two different vendors. This type of solution does not consider the business unit's relationship with the rest of the enterprise and its unique interpretation of business rules, measures and processes.

"momentohs® is truly a cross-departmental solutions. The integration between Front Office and Back Office, for example, is as tight as the integration between check-in and check-out." Keith Gruen, ex co-founder of Fidello



momentohs® enterprise is easy to manage, easy to use, intuitive, scalable and completely modular. The screen painter option allows the user to customise the entry screen as per their needs. Users can add more fields and edit the labels on the screens, like Reservations, Guest or Corporate Profiles. momentohs® enterprise' shortcut keys for field, event and menu levels enables the user to have easy and fast operations. The tree and tab structure gives the user the ability to open and operate multiple windows at the same time. It provides drill down options for most of the screens and reports for detailed information.

momentohs® enterprise' graphical Floor plan can design layout as per the physical structure of the hotel. Graphical screens like Floor plan and Room plan allows the user to do multiple functionalities from a single window.

momentohs® enterprise is flexible to operate in a variety of platforms, including multi-property single/multi-server configuration, using the Internet or Intranet.

"The next thing that struck me is that momentohs® enterprise appears very simple to use - almost too easy. The uncluttered screens and the straight-forward buttons made me wonder if the product includes the necessary features to run a major international hotel. But indeed it does." Keith Gruen, ex co-founder of Fidello

Multiple window for same function
Floor plan


Rich Functionality

Each module has rich functions and features as in the ‘best of breed’ industry standard software and in most aspects exceeds it. Since it is built using leading edge intelligent development tools and ERP best practice design, there is increasingly improved and innovative ways to perform a variety of business processes and workflow seamlessly and efficiently. The key differentiation is the new ways of doing existing functions and business process improvement enabling greater efficiency, simplicity, user-friendliness and empowerment. momentohs® enterprise facilitates an integrated digital dashboard for staff empowerment and knowledge sharing to improve efficiency in operations and guest services. It provides user-defined alerts and internal messaging. To enhance delivery of services, the system has inherent user activities, tasks and escalation functions.

momentohs® enterprise has embedded accounting codes that are derived from the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry. The comprehensive and intelligent rate management function is augmented with a multilingual and multicurrency system. momentohs® enterprise also has centralised operations for reservations, management, purchasing and warehousing.

Multiple user-defined graphs in a single window view
Integrated Dashboard


Central Reservation Office

“To effectively and uniformly deploy revenue management practices across a chain, inventory needs to be centralised. Thus the revenue management system must be well integrated with the CRS and the property management system.” Daniel Connolly, Asst. Professor of IT and EC - Daniels College of Business, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, University of Denver, February 2007

momentohs® Central Reservation Office (CRO) is the ultimate next generation system, which takes property management to a whole new level. momentohs® CRO enables an entire chain of hotels to be centrally managed by a single reservation office. The CRS (Central Reservation System) maintains room rates/contracts, allotments, guest   information and room inventory of all the properties belonging to a chain of hotels in a central database, which can be accessed via a web browser by a designated central reservations officer. It not only gives a complete overview of multiple properties, but also the ultimate Customer/Guest management seamlessly integrated  to provide a 360° degree view unlike any other system available today. The two-way synchronization allows the CRS to communicate and exchange information with the Front Office module at each property.

As each momentohs® software is fully integrated with modules or suites of applications functions on a single database, momentohs® CRO will be the control centre for Central Purchasing, Central Back Office, Central Rate Allocation and Central Reservation. It is an integrated system inclusive of multi property, Yield Management, CRM, Web Reservation, GDS, Credit Card Interface, IDS, Business Intelligence, Call Centre and Agent, all of which will be managed from the Head Office.

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Multi-property functionality provides increased guest satisfaction across the entire hotel chain. The crossover business process flow between the properties allows cross viewing of guest history and preferences, which, in turn, facilitates the service agent's full awareness, leading to enhanced guest experience and increase loyalty. Multi-property operations clearly benefit both from leveraging the operations to maximise discounts and from defining common standards for geographically diverse properties. Hotels which operate multi-property portfolios can benefit from hiring revenue managers to oversee clusters of hotels.

The seamlessly integrated, guest-centric modules provide the hotel's service agents with the tools they need to personalise service, exceed guest expectations and increase revenue. Users can generate easily consolidated reports like hotel status, availability, P&L, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. In pure multi-property scenario, guests can check in from one hotel within the chain, consume from F&B outlets from another and checkout from a third with proper allocation of revenues, which demonstrates the powerful integration capabilities.

Management Report & Business Intelligence

momentohs® enterprise' seamless integration provides for enterprise reporting, analysis, contract management, customer tracking and corporate data mining, allowing for revenue and expense flow as they happen.  

Our Business Intelligence (BI) tool is used to visually ascertain the status of a business enterprise via key business indicators. Digital dashboards use visual at-a-glance display of data pulled from various modules to provide alerts, action notices, forecasts and summaries of business conditions, thus providing the ability to make more informed decisions based on collective BI.

“The problem is consistency across the entire database and establishing a single point of truth for any particular data set. No matter the size, hospitality organizations are drowning in the complexity of BI and this ultimately increases the cost of business.” Sandra Andrews, Hospitality Solutions Director from Microsoft, March 2007

momentohs® enterprise' BI provides additional benefits to increase overall revenues aligning of strategies and organisational goals. Visual presentation of performance identifies negative trends and quantifies efficiencies, which is highlighted in dashboards and scorecards.

The ability to generate detailed reports showing new trends and increased productivity, i.e., spending less time managing data, identifying trends and uncovering risks proactively is what differentiates momentohs® enterprise from other hotel software vendors.

What does this do to your bottom line? It is quite possible to increase your bottom line by as much as 16%. Hard to believe, but when Yield Management software providers boast of 4-10% increase in RevPar within 6-12 weeks, similarly by having a fully integrated solution in the style and manner of an ERP system applied in manufacturing companies, a 16% improvement is achievable.

The dashboard can be customised as per the user rights and requirements. It has the facility to program 'hot keys' for frequent screens with short key entries. Bookmarks provide the user with easy and fast navigation to their favorite screens.

momentohs® enterprise BI - Front Office Dashboard
momentohs® enterprise BI - Financial Dashboard


Smart Technology

A 1°C variance in temperature could result in a 20-30% reduction or increment in energy costs. This can be staggering for a 500 room hotel. momentohs® enterprise’ integration with Room Management Systems allows Front Office and Housekeeping staff knowledge of the room’s basic info such as temperature, lighting & electrical usage. For example, when guests open their windows and keep the air conditioning running, condensation and moisture sets in and affects walls, carpets, curtains and even electronics. A smart system can trigger corrective actions based on pre-defined conditions.

Guest Experience delivery is one of the key differentiators among five star chains. When regular guests check-in, it should be with more than a smile from the concierge and a mint on the pillow.

The room air conditioning should be set to the guest’s preference, a personal welcome message on the TV set complete with special interest activities e.g. Rock or Classical concert schedules whichever the guest prefers, and frequently dialed numbers pre-assigned to the phone system. To trigger guest preferences, a system has to be smart and intelligent to cater for personal preferences of THE GUEST.

momentohs® is equipped with SMART Technology integration to deliver superior guest experience. Today, the delivery of guest experience is determined by imagination and not restricted by technology. momentohs® open architecture allows for various SMART Technology applications to be integrated with ease, flexibility and reliability. This includes Digital Video Server (DVS), REID (Radio Frequency Identification), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Intelligent Building Management Systems and Energy Management Systems.



Corporate, User and Customer Advantages

Besides technical considerations, momentohs® enterprise has many other advantages that end-users of an integrated application suite experience compared with users of interfaced products. Providing the same look-and-feel with a single, unified view and one password log-in can minimize the frustration and confusion that users experience when jumping between two disparate applications. Help desk support is made easier when technical staff only needs to be familiar with one technical platform and a unified application suite.

More importantly, however, these are instances during which information in one application or function needs to be dynamically available in the other. For example, when accurate guest preference (likes/dislikes) information is available to users of the Front Office and POS, they are more likely to be able to make guest experience decisions. Service agents having access to guest preference information during the registration and scheduling processes can proactively arrange appropriate services for the guest in advance - making better use of appointment slots in restaurants, Spas and sports clubs.

The expanding roles of employees require access to a broader complement of guest information that has not historically been available in standalone systems; and even with interfaced systems, the guest information essential to these complex transactions isn't always readily available.

Given the growing demands now placed on hotels to manage the utilization of services and demonstrate improved    quality, successful hoteliers must have access to an integrated set of personal preferences, administrative and financial data on their guest. It is this area of analysis and reporting in which integrated systems offer significant benefits over their interfaced counterparts. Whether for quality reports, chart audits, data mining, expenditure analysis, management utilisation or emerging pay-for-performance requirements, hotels must be able to analyze and report a consolidated view of a guest data across increasingly complex dimensions.

Ensuring that guest data is appropriately aligned and "in sync" when it is extracted from disparate systems is a complex endeavour. Because integrated systems rely on one unified guest database, compiling and analyzing guest data and producing accurate reports is a more straightforward undertaking.


For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
For fine dining and table service restaurants, it is a fully integrated solution with POS, Financial, Cost control and Guest Experience.
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