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For a well sought-after restaurant, its location is only one of its success factors. Quality of food, services, customized menus and other internal best practices play an equally important role in increasing the bottom line. This is why we have developed momentohs® dining- a scaleable, affordable, flexible, and powerful software, which is ideal for stand alone, multiple outlets in a hotel, catering and banqueting, and for a chain of restaurants.

Powered by both Sybase and Microsoft technologies, the user-friendly design of momentohs® dining delivers unmatched business benefits. With the support of core applications like POS, Dining Reservations, CRM, Recipe Costing, Central Warehouse and Central Purchasing, momentohs® dining provides timely alerts and reports.

Keeping in mind that diners hate to wait, the POS solution has been designed to facilitate quick checkout. The consistent uptime of the solution allows for increased serving and table turn of diners within a specific time, naturally guaranteeing increased customer loyalty.

momentohs® dining makes possible a long-lasting, durable POS environment that ensures increased revenue by enabling promotions and advertising at the point of sale, reduced lost sales by integrating supply chain and inventory information across the enterprise, and reduced labour costs by simplifying cashier training.

Apart from delivering these extensive POS solutions, momentohs® dining is dedicated to improve Return on Investment while reducing costs and ensuring high security levels. Additionally, it provides help with store planning, equipment installation and maintenance.

For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
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