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IT Manager

Have you thought of having all the information at your fingertips with the click of a few buttons? With 12 modules on a single database built on ERP best practices, you need not worry about interfaces, breakdowns and missing data. Support is from one single vendor 7/24/365. Scalability…as easy as 1-2-3 from entrée to sprint to enterprise. Best in class security, easy and safe data backup methodology, easy report writer and screen painter for minor customization, detailed audit trail and hassle free manageability allows you to focus on strategic and business improvement rather than being bogged down worrying about day-to-day operational issues. momentohs® is built on SOA principles, which makes you sleep knowing well that the technology is current and ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Finance Manager

Have you wondered producing financial reports could be easy and in real time without any glitches whatsoever? momentohs® Financial does it the ERP way. Meeting best in class practices for business software, there is real time business intelligence, dashboards and scorecards, the way you want it delivered to every department and worker to make their tasks easy, and empower them to excel in their performance. Reporting is our forte and detailed comparisons of the past, present and future projections makes you productive on improving bottom line than worrying about accuracy of data, interfaces and manual computations. More so, Financial modules is fully integrated with FO, POS etc providing you with instant real time data interchange.

Sales & Marketing Manager

The integration features of momentohs® Event module helps the banquet & catering team to work closely with reservations for room inventory and provide superlative guest experience on Events. The Events and Hotel inventory is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft CRM to forecast plan and achieve customer delight. The activity tracking of events provides information on marketing achievements and win opportunities. The Event module integration with Microsoft CRM gives accurate figures of Sales funnels & winning percentage with competitor details. The synchronization of Microsoft mailing and alert system makes the sales team's life easier than ever. The tight integration of Microsoft CRM thrives to achieve real time figures and project new milestones.

Front Office Manager

Tired of endless clicks to retrieve information just when you need it most when the guest is waiting on you? With momentohs® Front office packed with innovative features such as multiple screen views, dashboard with graphical information and interactive floor plan makes it particularly helpful in delivering speedy Front Desk services. It is quick, reliable, user- friendly and allows simple or complex searches for names, events, documents, case information and automatic profiling of bills. Perhaps the most important feature is you can call up information regardless of the search route, even when limited information is known, e.g. only part of a client, matter, party name, calendar etc. Alerts on Action traces make Front office operations easier and rate strategies provide better RevPar.

Food and Beverage Manager

Having the most important reports at your fingertips is what F&B Managers need to improve efficiency and yield. With momentohs® Food & Beverage module, you get a User Friendly POS, which helps you in maximizing table management. One of the unique features is capturing the images of dish presentation, which helps the service staff to understand the standardization of each dish being served. It also has a customizable floor plan with up to the minute details. It has Guest dining history which helps in enhancing service delivery and guest experience. Integrated with GEM, Service Agents can instantly recognize repeat customers with their likes and dislikes. It provides accurate food and beverage cost details for cost controller.

General Manager

Are you frustrated by delayed reports or not having it in a format and style in which you need to make timely business decisions? momentohs® integrated modules provides different combinations of information such as early bird report, flash report on occupancy and revenue analysis, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis and inventory analysis. A picture is better than a thousand words, with reports presented in graphs, grids and gauges. It also provides you with detailed transactional and management reports from various modules, the 360 degree view, which allows setting performance targets and achievements to department heads and individuals.

Hotel Operator

Being a Hotel Operator there are important reports which are required immediately on a day to day basis. With momentohs®, all your reports are available in single or multi property scenario. It also has the capability to provide you with a profile of the budget, and also the analysis of the Profit and Loss. Most of all, you can do comparisons and variation analysis between the different properties and take immediate action based on alerts. Another advantage is that it provides you with an accurate cash forecast report with cash balances in different currencies, with an impeccable Multi- Level Security System.

Hotel Owner

The Most Important factor for a Hotel Owner is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a onetime Investment as well as post implementation operational costs. momentohs® costs about 30- 40% lesser than current industry standard software. Being cost competitive is not enough. The award winning software exceeds industry standard functionality and brings best in class business software practices, which is long ignored in the industry. Be it a five star chain or a small boutique hotel, momentohs® scales from entry level entrée, to sprint for medium size hotels and enterprise for large chain hotels with 12 modules, seamlessly integrated from a single vendor. Reap the rewards of the first ERP-like software and improve your TCO, ROI and bottom line with momentohs®.

For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
For fine dining and table service restaurants, it is a fully integrated solution with POS, Financial, Cost control and Guest Experience.
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