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The Power Of Integration: Delivering Stellar Business Performance

The innovative momentohs® Front Office module extends crucial functionality that facilitates a hotel property in managing reservations, housekeeping assignments, front desk operations, night audits, cashier operations and much more. Guest charges from the POS, SPA, Event Management and Call Billing systems can be posted online to the guest folios, enabling Front Office staff to view the most current guest balances. Each guest can be assigned multiple folios, which can in turn be user-defined to contain specific charges from their room, telephone and other outlets. Each of these functions can be customised for an individual property and then altered seasonally to suit the needs of the property in a timely fashion.

The module facilitates the creation of complex rates based on special offers, complimentary stays and discount rates. Room allotments can be further configured as blocks that could be extended to travel agents. An overbooking option allows the Front Office manager to decide how many rooms can be comfortably set aside in case of room shortage, without incurring any liability or disappointment. Reservation staff can then receive appropriate alerts when an overbooking situation arises. Additionally, the module provides online statistical information on occupancy and room availability, enabling the Front Office manager to make crucial operational decisions swiftly and accurately, vital in a fast-paced world.

In-built user-configurable keyboard "hot keys" allow users to configure keys based on their preference. This is commonly used as an alternative to increase efficiency in providing guest services.

The simplified Night Audit process requires no downtime and facilitates automated database backup from momentohs® at the click of a button. A Management Flash Report can be generated incorporating a snapshot summary revenue generation for all profit centres i.e. Front Office, POS, Event Management with Month-to-Date (MTD) and Year-to-Date (YTD) breakdown.

Rate management is simplified with the intelligent rate conditioning to maximise yield that incorporates user-defined parameters and the ability to create unlimited room-packages of facilities available in the property. The package element can also handle the package profit and loss in a detailed manner and the POS outlet is also able to view the utilization of the packages.

User-defined templates for letters or notes to guests are built-in for generation of various guest-related documents e.g. welcome letters, birthday greetings, flight confirmations etc., for that all-important personal attention.

The Dashboard is a useful option for Management and Operational staff. In one screen key operational information can be viewed and then by selecting a particular box and enlarging it, there are more details inside. It also allows users to drill down to the source. The Dashboard can be customized according the user, e.g. the Front Office Manager can select the preferred cubes to be displayed.

The Floor Plan function is another superb intelligent and interactive feature for Front Desk users. Users are able to view room temperature, lights and concierge request due to interface capability with building management/energy management and room management systems. The Floor Plan function allows users to filter in various criteria and search specific information to assist their operational activities. E.g. users are able filter and search for all the VI (Vacant Inspected) rooms in a split second, and able to show all the connecting rooms. The Floor Plan also allows the Front desk staff to do almost the entire operational task without opening other menus.

momentohs® Front Office


  • Quick & Easy management of group and FIT reservations with room allocation rate allocation
  • Interactive room rate and package (per room/per person) management
  • Multi room type in single reservation
  • Central guest/agent/corporate profile management and tracking
  • Easy room availability analysis for allocation
  • Complaint and preference features linked to guest history
  • Auto group master folio routing for group booking
  • Folio for each guest and group and external and internal bill routing facility
  • Group Pro-forma Invoice
  • Analysis of historical data for use in forecasting
  • Room Plan and Floor Plan for easy room selection
  • Agent commission management
  • Guarantee and cancellation rule allocation for each reservation
  • Market, source, reservation type, sales, nationality, country segments analysis
  • Easy check in from reservation and walk-in room allocation
  • Complementary, zero rate, discount handling
  • Transfer, trace, request management with reservation
  • Waitlist re-instate with revenue and duration of stay analysis
  • Online reservation replication with Web Reservation, GDS, IDS and CRO systems
  • Yield management with reservation


A wide range of enquiry menu is available with filtering option to get information accurately. Accurate information is critical for any successful operation. momentohs® FO is designed to monitor and record by type and category every action with respect to room availability ensuring up-to-date information. Almost all the enquiry functions has drill down to the source.

  • Graphical analysis with 3D view and user defined template
  • Occupancy calendar with multiple function revenue status, hotel status and drill down
  • Room Plan with detailed guest and reservation information with easy amendment facility
  • Hotel Status for the day and previous date with drill down function
  • Floor Plan with pre defined floor arrangement and detail drill down
  • Room Rate availability various parameter
  • Daily statistics Room Type availability
  • Room Availability summary and date wise analysis
  • Information Desk with pictures and maps
  • Operational and graphical Dashboard with user defined templates
  • Management Flash Report in Dashboard
  • Enquiries of Room Status by chart using date range
  • Inquiry on tentative, confirmed, in-house, waitlisted, cancelled reservations
  • Room view and analysis for telephone operator with guest locator option
  • Detailed Guest History with previous stay details and revenue/payment history
  • Detailed Audit Trail with new value and old value details
  • Inquiry on traces, requests, complaint and feedbacks with detail drill down




  • Quick check-in for groups, guests with reservations, or walk-in guests
  • Reinstated Check In
  • Easy handling of guest accounts and creation of guest folios
  • Pre-arrangement of guest payment and billing options with bill routing
  • Guest Feed Back/Survey
  • Guest Insurance Management
  • Instant room availability searches
  • Pre block rooms
  • Single click for check-in for groups
  • Block POS function
  • Safe Deposit Box Management
  • Guest Information, Guest Locator, Guest History, Guest Messages, Meal Plans


  • Quick retrieval of professional Guest Folios
  • A flexible, efficient guest billing operation with eight windows
  • Split billing and individual transaction and balance transfer from folios
  • Instant generation of multiple Guest Folios with a 'drag-and-drop' mechanism
  • A selection of preferred modes of payment can be smoothly integrated with momentohs® Back Office module, where the on-board Cashbook can be used to track and retrieve any payment information
  • Automated group check-out
  • Currency Exchange/Traveler's Cheque
  • Agent Tax and Non-Tax Invoice
  • Generation of detailed trial balances from various revenue centers
  • Revenue centre definition by property, with no limit on the number of revenue centers
  • Creation of detailed revenue reports based on gross or net evaluations
  • Budgeting capabilities by revenue centre
  • Automatic posting into a guest group folio for all rooms allocated to a given group
  • Automatic posting during the night audit for all room charges, breakfasts, meals and packages to the Guest (or Agent) Ledger
  • Handling “Package Element” within the system without issuing voucher
  • Easy adjustment of rebate, discounts etc. at the Front Desk for last minute changes

Night Audit

  • Automatic posting of all Room Charges, Packages, Service Charges and Taxes to respective guest folios
  • Simultaneous preparation of Daily Front Office Revenue updated in the Back Office module
  • Night Audit can be kept pending for approval or cancellation thereby making the process secure
  • One Click Carry forward of the Front Office date to the following day upon approval of the Night Audit
  • Easy anytime access to full copies of all the Night Audit Reports saved in the system for future reference
  • No down time during the Night Audit process, no indexing and no manual backups required. All indexing and backup done automatically with scheduled backup

House Keeping

House Keeping has complete functionality with comprehensive operational reports required for managing day to day operations.

  • Maids report
  • Lost & found
  • Special request feature
  • Mini bar item management
  • Complaint management

Administration Tools

Authorised high level users such as System Administrators, have access to the Master Data, which consists of References, Codes, Room Rates, Packages, Basis, Parameters, Taxes, Agent Contracts and Interfaces.

  • User Creation, User Groups, System Parameters, Screen Painter etc
  • Rooms Type, Rooms Master file, Room Features, Web Allotment, Over booking
  • Rate Setup, Packages, Basis, Promotion Special Rates, Rate Strategy
  • Revenue codes, Taxes and all the Finance related codes
  • Agent Contract & Allotments
  • Guest Profile Preference Codes
  • Market & Sales Segmentations Statistical Codes
  • Hurdle Rate
  • Frequent Flyer Programs


The Graphs feature enables management to obtain a graphical representation of occupancy trends, business forecasts and various statistics of their operation at any time.



momentohs®'s Front Office module has over 250 reports that provide crucial information about operations and trends. Almost all statistical reports have graphical presentation where user has the option to view as data and or graph.



Reservations, Day use, Check-In, Walk-ins, Guest Amendments, Quick Reservations, Graphical Floor Plan, Folio Transfers, Folio Splits, Bill Transfer, Bill Split, Check-Out, Promotions, Rates, Allotments, Special Offers, Overbooking, Guest Insurance Management, Safe Deposit Box Management, Cashier Opening/Closing and Drop a Shift, Night Audit, Guest Information, Guest Locator, Guest History, Guest Messages, Guest Settlement, Meal Plans, Information Desk, House Status Enquiry, Management Flash Report, City Ledger Settlements, Currency Exchange, Guest Feedback/Survey, Agent Profile, Agent Tax and Non-Tax Invoice, Pro-Forma Invoices, Multi Currency, Agent Group Details, Dashboard, Reinstated Check In/Check Out, Interactive Floor Plan, Detailed Audit Trail, AR Management, Reports, Admin Tools and Security, Interface with all momentohs® Suite of Products Including CRS and Web Reservation Portal.


For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
For fine dining and table service restaurants, it is a fully integrated solution with POS, Financial, Cost control and Guest Experience.
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