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Seven Seas has built a team of industry experts who can provide a hotel owner, developer, consultant or management company a complete end to end converged IT solution. The Information and Communication Infrastructure, PMS, peripheral technology and applications applicable are specifically designed to meet the needs of a hospitality project. Using a majority of in house trained design engineers whom are recognized to the highest industry standard coupled with key relationships with industry specialists, Seven Seas has built up a portfolio of products and services, which can service a small 50-room boutique hotel, all the way to a 2,000-room resort hotel.

Key Skills and Services Core Skills and Services

All Seven Seas personnel receive training of the highest standards at our principle training centres in the Gulf, Europe and North America, and we are constantly revaluating those skills and updating them where required. This way, Seven Seas is always ahead of the competition with a vision of how to use those skills and products to ensure the operator and owner leverage the maximum revenue while the guest experience is seamless, promoting loyalty.

The core skills within the organisation are the active and passive components of the local area network infrastructure, VoIP based telephony systems, IPTV systems, BMS & PMS integration, Intelligent Building & Room Management systems, Hospitality Management Software and Smart Technology for efficient delivery of guest services, CCTV and Access Control as well as partnering with one of the largest AV systems integrators in North America to deliver a full suite of AV solutions. Seven Seas provides a full independent consultancy service to enable the design of the property to go smoothly without any unforeseen issues and to ensure that correct IT solution and applications are placed in the correct parts of the building. We promote no particular supplier when entering into an account. Hence, we are seen in the market as completely independent. The choice of supplier is based upon the most appropriate design to meet the needs of the owners and the operators of the property.

When designing a converged infrastructure solution for a hospitality project, a key consideration is how the operator will access both real-time and archived information, which needs to be accessed on a day-to-day basis. To access this data, all front and back offices, reception areas, cashiers and other staff should be equipped with desktops. There may also be a requirement to have a mobile workforce of all key individuals, for example the General Manager, Catering Manager, HR, Head of Maintenance, etc. These people have a requirement to maintain communications with all other areas in the hotel and this drives the need to install a wireless solution that is linked in or bridged to the main communications infrastructure.

The internal management of all these services is deemed a critical component of the solution, offering the operator the capability of providing infinite options to their guests when choosing the appropriate communication media. The integration of all these services into the PMS system giving a seamless billing solution on check-in/ checkout is considered paramount.

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For five to seven star chain properties, it encompasses the entire spectrum of a hotel’s operations at property level and Head Office central MIS.
For medium size properties from 50-250 rooms, which require reduced functionality at a lower price and yet manage its operations efficiently.
For small to medium size resort or city boutique hotels with less than 50 room, it provides better features than off the shelf software at a competitive price and yet scale up to sprint when required.
For fine dining and table service restaurants, it is a fully integrated solution with POS, Financial, Cost control and Guest Experience.
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